Bourbon’s on board

July 27, 2011

Welcome Bourbon to the Pets Dig Me family. Bourbon is little bro to big Berner boy Noodles, a long time Pets Dig Me dog. Although he still refuses to admit it to his mom, I can tell Noodles really likes this not so little squirt that has taken over his life. Who could really blame him though? It’s pretty hard to resist the charm of this curly top pup. He’s already a pro sitter and his recall skills aren’t too shabby. He aspires to be a good walker boy but needs a little work in the don’t eat all your toys department. Bourbon & Noodles will be struttin’ their stuff around Woodland Park and Greenlake. So if you happen to see us, be sure to stop and say hi. Both Berner boys accept pets free of charge.