New Doggie Bus!

June 28, 2012

My troop is lovin’ their new doggie bus!

The Mini-waggers love their ride

The little pup are lovin’ their ride too

For Pets Dig Me’s 11th year anniversary I wanted to get my troop something special and well I think I achieved just that….A new spacious doggie bus! It’s an AWD Honda Element. What I love about it…well for starters the’s very spacious inside, perfect for my smaller pack size. So much so that after a fun filled excursion they each have plenty of room to lie down, stretch out and relax if they are tired. It’s air conditioned/heated and has a sunroof in the back for the dogs so plenty of air circulation. You can’t beat the clean factor in the Element either. No fabric or felt material to collect fur and dirt. Everything is totally washable making it the most sanitary car out there. I have lots of comforters in the back for the dogs making it a super comfy ride as well. I like to get the dogs in & out the side door because it’s very low to the ground which makes it easy on the joints. Best of all my dogs are right there with me not in the back of a truck like so many dog walkers use. I can easily look back and see what they are doing and get them pumped up for the exciting adventure ahead!

The Pets Dig Me Doggie Bus – Clean, Spacious & comfy!

The Pets Dig Me doggie bus picks up dogs daily in the Ballard and Phinney Ridge neighborhoods and takes them to fun walking trails and dog parks in a great ride.


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