Tico finished up his puppy visits and now he can go out on my excursions. He had a great time. lot’s of fun ahead!

Super cute Tico boy ready for exploring with the Minis

Super cute Tico boy ready for exploring with the Minis

He fit right in

He fit right in

Dogs in photos are from Ballard & Phinney Ridge and I love being their Seattle dog walker


Elliot Bay Trail

September 29, 2012

We checked out the Elliot Bay biking trail today. The views were spectacular. It was a gorgeous day to be out with my pups. 

Dix and Chlo loved walking the EBT

Dix and Chlo loved walking the EBT

Chloe couldn't get enough of the beach action

Chloe couldn’t get enough of the beach action

The fresh breezes off the bay were wonderful

The fresh breezes off the bay were wonderful

This Seattle dog walker is always excited to find a new trail to explore with my pack!  

Inspiring Subjects

May 5, 2012

Beautiful shades of green are back making it fun to get some awesome shots of my pups. I have never taken a photography class nor do I own a fancy camera but I just love taking photos of my dogs and capturing some fun times we have together. My clients tell me I have skills in the photography department which I always find funny because I basically point and shoot but I always feel quite honored when I see my prints show up framed in my clients’ homes. I’m glad they enjoy them as much as I do. Here are a few of my favorites from this week.

The camera loves Roxy…and her tongue too!

Noodles doing what Noodles does best at Northacres dog park

Fitzy heading straight for me at Woodland dog park

It made my day to see these two shots I took of clients Ralphy the cat and Roxy the dog framed and displayed in their home.

Clients in photos reside in Queen Anne , Greenlake and Ballard and I love not only being their Seattle dog walker but their Seattle Photographer too..photos are always complimentary!

Rain, Snow & Sun = Fun!

January 31, 2012

In January we had rain, we had snow and we had sun… but above all else we had FUN!

Dixie, D & Rainey snow rompin’ at Woodland Park

Ani, Rainey, Dixie & Tob on a sunny Discovery Park hike

Rio plots a takeover from D on a rainy day at Golden Gardens

No matter what the elements I love being a Seattle dog walker taking my clients out for good times with their pals.


November 7, 2011

Rio pup naps hard after his doggie excursion

Thank you Rio’s dad for sending me this note & photo of the aftermath of Rio’s doggie excursion today. It’s great to see the end result of my work!  I love having him on board. He has so much fun playing with his pals at the park, such a social boy. He just exudes joy as he zips around. Sweet dreams Rio pup!

Rio is one of my Queen Anne clients and I love being his Seattle dog walker.